St. Louis Sprinkler System Start Up, Backflow Testing and Shut Down

Your irrigation sprinkler system should operate like a well-oiled machine. Like any machine, it is made up of moving component parts, each with its own unique function. When working properly, your irrigation system should be a thing of beauty, operating with perfect precision. Regular, routine maintenance will make sure it does.

Full Service Irrigation Maintenance Package for St. Louis Landscapes

Spring Startup & Adjustments

Get ready for the season ahead. Starting your system off strong is hugely important for the watering season ahead. We can service your equipment to make sure it’s operating correctly, and make adjustments based on changes in your growing schedule and landscape design. Putting the right pieces in the right places will ensure an efficient irrigation system. Proper watering in the Spring can make or break your summer growing season.

Backflow Testing

Avoid drinking water contamination. Backflow testing is how professional irrigation sprinkler system installers make sure the water you are using to water your gardens and lawns isn’t “backing up” into your drinking water. This process also can be used to check the pressure in the different areas of your irrigation sprinkler system to ensure it is operating efficiently.

Mid-Season Audit

Proactive adjustments. Often, by the time homeowners discover problems with their irrigation sprinkler system, it has already become more expensive to fix. By bringing one of our trained irrigation system installers to your home, they can locate trouble spots before they become problems. Additionally, mid-season audits are a great time to inspect and adjust the water needs for each specific area of your lawn, to make sure all your plants are getting what they need.

Fall Shutdown

Avoid expensive freeze damage. As professional irrigation sprinkler systems installers in St Louis, we know how important it is to properly shut down your sprinkler system in the Fall. Here in the Midwest, temperatures can swing quickly, and if your system is caught in a freeze before it has been winterized, that could mean big problems for your plumbing. Shutting down your system at the right time will position you exactly where you want to be in the Spring.

Emergency Service

When bad things happen. It isn’t something we like to think about, but sometimes, bad things happen. This is true for your irrigation sprinkler system as well. Pools forming in your lawn, dents and divots, and inaccurate sprays are only some of the things that could go wrong with an irrigation system. Not to worry though! We are well-versed in the art of problem solving and whatever happens, you can trust that we will know how to make it right.

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