Sprinkler System Design or Update


FREE Initial Consultation, Custom Design or Update, and To-Scale Map

Quiet Village Landscaping Co. offers a FREE initial consultation to discuss your yard’s irrigation needs and to provide you a quote for the project.  The next step as we develop your design is to create a full-fledged, to-scale map of your site so that we can plan out the exact placement of heads, lines and zones.  This map will be yours to keep for future reference.

We offer multiple tiers of quality sprinkler systems in order to fit your budget, but each option comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty along with the manufacturer’s parts warranty.  Mid- to high-range systems use wireless rain sensors to optimize water usage, saving resources and money.  All of our systems use lead-free pumps.


Come to us for a brand-new system or to update or upgrade an existing system.  Unlike many of our competitors, we reject “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all” type sprinkler systems.  Each landscape is unique and requires a custom fit when it comes to proper watering.  This customized and holistic approach is exactly why our customers are satisfied when the job is completed.

Schedule your FREE initial consultation by filling out this form or by calling our office  at 314-657-7050.